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The Praxis

Practicing Hope

Most of us live in a shadow of what's really intended for us. We spend most of our days secretly thinking that if we work harder at life we’ll become satisfied but, if we're gut level honest, we end up empty. We lose heart, relationships get jacked up, and we slowly tap out while the world continues to do the same to others.

But what if it doesn't have to be that way? What if there is a way to find more peace, purpose, direction, meaning, and love? And that's why we are here...

We believe there is a Hope for Everyone!

Practicing Hospitality

Hope lets us believe that things can be different. It allows us to dream, changes our perspective; it sees the heart of potential. Hope means it's not over yet and opens up doors for everyone!

It's because of hope we come together to share God's table, explore a Jesus that changes everything, and discover how we can share that same hope with every neighborhood. 

Practicing Mission

Praxis Church is a haven of hope, hospitality, and friendship for everyone! 

There is no-one too far from finding hope and no-one that should live without it. 

If you're burned out, disenchanted, or just seeking a fresh honest-to-God encounter come and be part of a church called out to experience hope every day with each other and those around us.

Praxis Church Values & Structure

Read through the bible with us

The Bible is an amazing piece of literature, and if we haven’t already shown our hand, we think its the best to ever be assembled. That said, we admittedly know people get lost and overwhelmed with the sheer depth of it. To read it all the way through in one piece? Wow, that is a daunting task to say the least. For these reasons and so many more, we partnered with the Read Scripture Organization to help break the Bible into 16 chapters that walk you through the entire biblical narrative in a little less than a year. 

Bible Reading Plan (pdf)


Stories & Songs

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Wherever there’s darkness and dangerous terrain, let us build lighthouses that sustain the storms!

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